I’m choosing to feel optimistic today. I feel surprisingly awake after not falling asleep till 12 and jumping out of bed at 3:30. So, hoping whatever this energy high happens to be that I can ride it out at least through my shift. However I have backup incase.

I hope all my beautiful/handsome, smart, lovely, charming followers have a blessed and wonderful day! :)


Borås, Sweden by Patrik Wennerlund

My husband’s so sweet!

I’m heading to bed after working till 11 (it’s now about 11:40) and I have to get up at 3:30am for work. So he headed to the store to get me a couple energy drinks since I’ll be leaving before any place is open to serve coffee to caffeinate my morning. Now off to sleep for a few winks. Also tomorrow I think will start off with a chilly shower to wake me up and a whole bunch of “Jesus, I love You, I really really need You” prayers.


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Gillian Stevens Photography

I guess I’m working till 10:45 tonight then back at 5 in the morning. Hello 4 hours of sleep!
What’s your best remedy for killing it on little sleep?


Newest little Luie hobby: flour.

Austria | Leander Nardin